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International projects

We facilitate international encounters for children, teenagers and young adults as well as our employees through youth exchanges and educational trips, internships abroad and partnership projects.

The projects are funded and supported by European programmes such as ERASMUS+ for vocational education and training, JUGEND IN AKTION, the Franco-German Youth Office and eurodesk Germany.


  • As hosts, we organise the learning stays of European and non-European partners in Berlin and at KIDS & CO very individually according to their respective wishes.
  • Together with our international partners and local stakeholders, we organise multinational youth exchanges for young people. The focus is on fun and cultural exchange.
  • We send young people from Berlin and the surrounding area on internships abroad. Conversely, we also organise work placements for young adults from our partner organisations in Sweden and Italy and support their learning experience.
  • Together with our international partners, we develop innovative concepts for our target groups at the transition from school to working life. The projects are funded as part of cooperation partnerships under the ERASMUS+ programme.
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Stefanie Hutsch
Stefanie Hutsch

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These projects are currently taking place

Digital Accessibility

Digitalisation has been on the rise for several years now. It has become an even more prominent cross-cutting topic, especially in recent months. When working with trainees who have a special educational focus in the area of learning, the acquisition of digital skills is a major task for specialist staff.

In a joint exchange between partners from Germany (KIDS & CO and Konrad-Zuse-Schule Berlin), Greece (IFF and 2EPAL Alexandroupoli), Sweden (Activa and Gymnasiesärskolan Örebro Kommun) and Cyprus (Learning Center for Youth), we will develop a concept for how teachers can act in this area of conflict.

About the Digital Accessibility project


KIDS & CO as a partner in the Erasmus+ project ‘Orient Exchange’

KIDS & CO is a partner in the ERASMUS+ partnership project ‘ORIENT EXCHANGE - Guidance, a quality assurance tool for Vocational Education and Training’. As part of this partnership, which is coordinated by the Spanish organisation ‘Hiperactivity’ (based in Torremolinos/Malaga), a guide is being developed together with partners from Germany, Italy and Spain to support vocational integration specialists in their work.

At a time characterised by change and uncertainty among families and pupils regarding study, training and career choices, career counselling must play a permanent role. Personal decisions throughout life, from school to adulthood, in further education and in vocational training and careers must be intensively supported.

The project therefore addresses the need to support the qualification of professionals to ensure continuous professional development of VET teachers, career counsellors and school counsellors.

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Finished projects


Franco-German youth exchange: All under the same roof

Cooperation with the Centre Francais

The Franco-German youth exchange ‘All under the same roof’ (in French ‘Tous sous le meme toit’) took place in July and August 2022. A group of young people from Hellersdorf and a group from les Ulis, a suburb of Paris, got to know each other.

The fast journey to Paris on the TGV, a French express train, was very exciting. From there, they travelled to les Ulis, where the Franco-German youth group undertook many joint activities. For example, raised beds were built and sprayed with graffiti, sightseeing on the ‘Bateaux-Mouches’ (excursion boats on the Seine) was not to be missed, and they even got to see a fireworks show on the bank holidays. In Paris, there was even a visit from Berlin's mayor Franziska Giffey. She spent more than an hour at a table with the young people and addressed their concerns in German and French.

Three weeks later, the French group travelled to Berlin by ICE train. Here they all built a pizza oven together at the Centre Francais in Wedding. A city rally and a pedalo trip in Tegel were also organised.

Despite the language barrier, friendships were forged with the help of gestures, Google, games and, of course, music. Everyone knew the same hits and danced at every metro station, whether in Paris or Berlin.

8-15 July 2022 in Paris and return encounter from 4-11 August 2022 in Berlin
Target group: 14-17 year olds


Trilateral youth exchange: Beyond the walls (Germany, Lithuania, Belgium)

Duration: 25 - 31 July 2022 in Berlin
Target group: 16 - 25 year olds

From 25 to 31 July 2022, a total of 21 young people from Lithuania, Belgium and Germany met in Berlin as part of the trilateral youth exchange. The aim was to bring them closer to each other's worlds through an exchange in creative workshops. In graffiti, screen printing and photo editing workshops, the participants were able to showcase their artistic skills and discover their own strengths. Some participants discovered a new hobby for themselves. Musical talents were also discovered with the support of the HipHop Mobil. There were some break dancers and mouth acrobats in the musical battle. The exchange was fun for everyone involved and there is a great desire to meet up again in Lithuania and Belgium.

This project has been funded with support from the European Union's Youth in Action Programme. The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Union or the National Agency YOUTH for Europe and they accept no liability for it.


Learning from each other 2.0 (ERASMUS+ learning mobility for individuals)

Professional training at an international level for our employees and our company network will continue to play an important role in the quality development and orientation of our vocational training projects from 2019 to 2022.

In the ‘Learning from each other 2.0’ project, funded by the EU ERASMUS+ programme (KA1 / mobility for vocational education and training staff), we are working with our European partners in Sweden, France, Greece and Italy to find answers to questions such as

  • How can a way of living and working characterised by sustainability be communicated in our youth and education projects?
  • What opportunities does digitalisation offer us?
  • How do we pedagogically deal with risks in the transition from school to work?
  • How do we implement equal opportunities in terms of education and labour market integration?
  • What services do we use to reach disadvantaged target groups particularly effectively and thus support their integration into society and the labour market?
  • Which successful integration models exist and can be utilised in our work with refugees?

During a total of six one-week educational trips to our partners C.M.S.E.A. (Metz, France), CERSEO (Vercelli, Italy) and Actíva (Örebro, Sweden), we shed light on these questions by exchanging experiences and observing. The new ideas gained in the process enrich the design of educational processes at our organisation and that of our partners.

Sommerakademie für Schüler*innen aus China

Summer academy for pupils from China

Every year during the summer holidays, we organise a German-Chinese summer academy in crafts in cooperation with the Society for German-Chinese Artists and Cultural Exchange Teehausgalerie Potsdam. Pupils from the Chinese provinces of Kunming and Nanjing spend four holiday weeks at BerufeHaus SONNENECK and acquire basic skills in designing with wood, paint and metal as well as cooking. The final highlight is a joint festival with a Chinese tea ceremony, calligraphy and Peking opera.


With our participation in the European strategic partnership project ‘KICKST'ARTS’, we wanted to stimulate appealing digital projects and provide new professional impetus. The focus was on the use of digital media to activate 16-25-year-old young people without school qualifications and to create experiences of self-efficacy.

The project sponsor of the ERASMUS+-funded project was the Belgian organisation ‘Le Monde des Possibles’ based in Liége. Together with the partner ‘Aktyvus jaunimas’ from Vilnius, Lithuania and us from KIDS & CO, a methodological project guide for professionals was developed.

Download guide