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MAP Europe

My internship abroad: career guidance in Europe

Target group: 18 to 30-year-olds looking for work or training

The ‘MAP Europe’ project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the European Union via the European Social Fund Plus (ESF Plus) as part of the ‘JUVENTUS: Strengthening mobility - for a social Europe’ programme.

Duration until 28/02/2027

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We offer you a two-month internship in Italy, France, Greece or Sweden to improve your chances of finding a training place and a job on the labour market.

Over the 7-month project period, our dedicated team will help you to orientate yourself professionally and to prepare, use and reflect on your time abroad so that you can find your very own path to training and work.

Young parents with their children who are not yet of school age are also welcome!

If you take on this challenge, you will then approach your job search with more self-confidence and clarity.


Jugendbildungs-Haus Sonneneck
Jugendbildungs-Haus Sonneneck

Alt-Hellersdorf 29 – 31
12629 Berlin

Stefanie Hutsch
Stefanie Hutsch

Head of project

Team MAP Europa

Telephone: +49 (0) 30 / 99 49 92 66
E-Mail: map(at)kids-und-co.de

Message to the MAP Europe team

This is how the project works

Icon Vorbereitungsphase
3 months
Preparation in Berlin

We explore different professional fields together and individually.

In the group, we consolidate the foreign language and learn more about the other culture.

We practise resolving conflicts constructively, looking after ourselves and running a household, and much more.

We discuss and make travel arrangements together.

Icon Praktikum im Ausland
2 months
Internship abroad

During your stay in Sweden or Greece, you will always be accompanied by one of our teachers.

Our partner organisations will look for suitable internships based on your ideas, talents and local opportunities.

Icon Nachbereitung
2 months
Follow-up in Berlin

We will reflect with you on your development abroad.

Together we will incorporate your new knowledge and skills into your application documents.

We will support you individually with your applications for apprenticeships or jobs and, if necessary, with communication with public authorities.

At the end of the project, you will receive a certificate from us with a final assessment.

We are planning the following rounds for 2024:

Passage 3

08.01.2024 - 31.07.2024 with internship in Vercelli, Italy

INFO DAY: Wednesday, 10 January 2024

Passage 4

01.08.2024 - 28.02.2025 with internship in Metz, France

INFO DAY: 04 July 2024, 16-18 o'clock

Impressions from previous graduates

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