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Redevelopment of the small sports field Cottbusser Platz

Mission: Red Dust – it was a back-breaking job. But it was well worth it. The small sports field Cottbusser Strasse has been more or less completely redeveloped thanks to the commitment of many helpers. 80 tons of lavalite ground filler material alone were fitted in May and June 2012. And this without any heavy machinery, just with pure muscles and sweat. Young people from the career guidance workshops of KIDS & CO e.V. as well as school students from the 8th and 9th forms of the neighbouring Wolfgang-Amadeus-Mozart communal school distributed the red surfacing substrate evenly on the soccer field, running track and the long jump run-up, compacting it subsequently with vibrating plates.

In the preparation, staff members of the Viacom International Media Networks Germany picked up shovels, rakes and brooms in good spirits at the sports field on 20th April 2012. Working in a rather dust-free office surrounding otherwise, they donated their labour for the good cause at their corporate voluntary “ViaCommunityDay” and attacked the wild growth at the sports field that had not been looked after for three years. Viacom corporate spokesman Colin Lenz said, “It was great fun. And I hope there will be something to do next year again.”

The small sports field Cottbusser Strasse is available to all children, young people, schools and clubs for free use. Balls and other small sports implements may be borrowed from the sports youth facility “SENFTE 10”, at Senftenberger Strasse 10. Thursdays from 4.00 to 6.00 pm, children and young people who are interested may join in a training session with the Fussball AG soccer club – also for free.

The redevelopment of the sports field is the third participatory project in redesigning the neighbourhood, which was initiated by young people within the framework of the BIWAQ project JUWEL. It is based on the wish of many young people to go in for more sports in the neighbourhood of Helle Mitte. Apart from soccer, paracouring is the new trend sports to be embraced. The wish for more soccer opportunities has now been fulfilled.

In a further construction stage, a little parcouring track will be set up in the rear part of the small sports field in the months to come. Preparations are running at top speed.

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