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Overcoming obstacles in finding an apprenticeship and everyday-life with us

Recommended age group(s):

14 - 27 year olds

The offer applies for the following institution(s):


Versatile, practical and open to new things

The BerufeHaus SONNENECK (“job house”) is a special place to learn and work – with an intimate atmosphere and focus on each individual – with its smaller workshops and well-equipped rooms for schooling and creativity, and, a generous open space! It provides room for creativity, new ideas, many initiatives but also for fun and relaxation.


Alt-Hellersdorf 29-31
D-12629 Berlin

Opening Times:

Mon - Fri, 8am to 6pm
(depending on the project)


+49 (0) 30 / 54 37 68 12

Object manager/
Career orientation

+49 (0) 30 / 99 49 92 68

Haus Sonneneck
Lehmbackofen im Haus Sonneneck
Der Garten des Haus Sonneneck
Projektarbeit Nähen
Arbeiten mit Holz in der Holzwerkstatt
Teamtraining im Garten
Projektarbeit in der Metalwerkstatt
Lecker Kuchen aus der Projektarbeit Gastronomie
Projektarbeit Garten- und Landschaftsbau

Experienced social workers (teachers) support you in discovering your own strengths, developing perspectives in life and in getting into the essential frame of mind for the job market. They convey what is important when seeking an apprenticeship and how to create convincing application portfolios. They support you in your preparations for recruitment tests and prep anyone who is interested in presenting themselves successfully in future job interviews.

A prerequisite for apprenticeships and jobs is the ability to manage your every-day-life independently, actively and in a structured way. This is part of our school and vocational training measures.

Our hands-on workshops

Jobs in automotive and transport engineering


Jobs in metal construction


Jobs in carpentry


Jobs with paints and varnishes


Jobs with plants


Office jobs


Housekeeping jobs


Jobs in the hotel and catering industry


Jobs with clothing


During hands-on work, learning at our workshops and experimenting with their own projects, teenagers and young adults can try out the jobs that suit them, or they can consolidate and develop their knowledge further.

Our offers are open to:

  • Pupils as part of internships or project groups, pupils in studying the practice groups,

  • Teenagers and young adults as part of vocational qualifications and employment measures.