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Slack-line garden

Recommended age group(s):

6 to 25 year-olds

Offers apply to the location(s):


Master the slack-line garden!

The slack-line garden offers exciting possibilities, such as Wild Woosey (slack line), team sea-saw, spider and zigzag, for practising body control, coordination and skilfulness. In our outdoor education, team training focuses on fun and exercise, the possibilities of trying out oneself and the experience of undertaking activities together in a group, where one has to rely on the other. Personal and social skills, such as trust, communication, cooperation and conflict management are practised. Exciting game situations present participants with social and personal challenges that may only be mastered together through cooperative behaviour in the group.

Registration at:

Herrn Kruck

Phone: +49 (0)30 99 40 17 22

E-mail: jkruck(at)kids-und-co.de

Advice: in case of groups of more than 12 people, we offer the operation of an activity-centre course, including Crazy Golf and Viking Chess.

Training period: 3-4 hours