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Data Protection Declaration

Despite careful checks on the contents, we shall not accept any liability for external links to outside contents.

It is our concern to protect your personal data that we gather within the legal regulations. The following information is to provide you with answers about the data that we gather during your visits to our website and how this is used by us.

1. Gathering and processing data

Any access to our website and any retrieval of a file stored at our website is logged. The storage of this data serves internal system-related and statistical purposes. The following data is recorded: Name of the file retrieved, time and date of the retrieval, the transferred file volume, messages on the successful transfer, web browser, operating system and enquiring domain.

At the same time, the IP addresses of the enquiring computers are logged.

Further personal data shall only be registered if you provide these details voluntarily, for instance, within the scope of an enquiry (e.g. through the contact form) or during registration.

2. Processing, storing and passing on personal data

In so far as you have made available personal details to us, they shall only be processed for answering your queries, for executing the contracts entered into with you and for the purposes of technical administration.

These personal details shall only be passed on to third parties if this is necessary for executing a contract with you – e.g. passing on order details to a supplier – or for billing purposes or you have agreed to such action beforehand. You have the right to revoke an approval with an effect reaching into the future.

The personal data stored by us shall be deleted when you revoke your agreement for such storage, once the data is not required for fulfilling the purpose pursued with the storage any longer or when such storage is impermissible on other legal grounds.

3. Right to access of the registered and/or stored personal data

Upon a written enquiry, we are happy to inform you on the data stored concerning your person.

Security advice!

By availing of all technical and organisational possibilities, we try to store your personal data in such a manner that it is inaccessible for third parties. However, during communication via e-mail and the contact form, we cannot guarantee 100 per cent data security due to the technical set up. So that we recommend an encryption of confidential information or the use of postal services.