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Learning the practice

Recommended age group(s):

from 14 years-old

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Learning the practice is promoted at KIDS & CO with the project “Strong through Diversity” within the framework of the programme “XENOS – integration and diversity”, sponsored by the Federal German Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs as well as the European Social Funds.

01/02/2012 – 31/12/2014

Learning the practice is a special form of learning at school, which is conducted in an association between the school, training institutions and companies. It offers a different type of access to learning to school students of the forms 9 to 10 with learning impairments and individual issues and leads them to vocational qualification.

Learning the practice at KIDS & CO:

With smaller workshops, well fitted out creative and training rooms and an attractive open space, SONNENECK is a special place for learning and working – in an individual and trusting atmosphere – with room for creativity, new ideas, many activities as well as fun and relaxation.

Learning the practice takes place on two days of the week at our facility. On the other three days of the week, the school provides tuition in smaller groups with a reduced share of theory.

Our partner schools:

Learning areas at KIDS & CO

There are ten areas of training available at the practical workshops of KIDS & CO. Based on a test of strengths, three potential career areas are identified initially that coincide with the interests of the school students. Then there is an orientation period undergone in these three areas. The young people put themselves to a test in a workshop for at least four weeks and will then choose a potential career area together with their trainer and the social worker, in which a targeted preparation for a future apprenticeship is undergone. Work placements in companies, project work following the model of a junior enterprise and an exploration of the area of work with the camera will intensify the learning process, promote contact between the school students and the company and will help in the decision-making about the later training.

School subjects are prepared and practised in the work process with the help of practical tasks. Using individual learning aids, support in personal problems and consultation along the path to an apprenticeship, the social workers and teachers accompany the young people in this development. They also maintain close contact with the teachers at the partner schools and the parents.

Developing strengths together:

During the project days and in the daily work process, we deal with subjects such as racism, sexism, other types of discrimination and mobbing. On excursions through the multi-cultural Berlin, we trace diversity and also gain a new insight into the living together in a group in our neighbourhood and our city. We experience with open eyes just how “being different” enriches our everyday life in manifold ways. We learn to deal with conflict in a constructive manner and how new challenges can be mastered through cooperative behaviour. This knowledge makes one secure in everyday situations and strong for the future!


Gerd Kokles

Social Worker

Phone: 030-99 28 53 79

E-mail: gkokles(at)kids-und-co.de