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If you are interested in a membership in the Association KIDS & CO, please just fill in the following form and you will receive information materials from us in a few days time. Contributions by members support the work of the Association directly.

Please send it by:

E-mail to:

or by fax to:
+49 (0)30 - 54 37 68 12

or by post to:
KIDS & CO – Verein zur Förderung von Kindern und Jugendlichen
Alt-Hellersdorf 29-31
D-12629 Berlin

Boxes marked with an * are mandatory and have to be filled in.

Any details will only be used by our membership administration.

Membership request

Personal details

Please fill in this box only if you want to become a member as of a certain date. If you leave this box empty, the receipt of the application shall be regarded as the joining date.

Details on contribution payment

The receipt for the payment of membership contributions shall be sent to you once a year and may be deducted from your taxes. In case of a single remittance of donations, the receipt shall be sent out immediately. In case of donations under EUR 100, the tax office will accept a copy of the remittance slip as proof.

Your bank details

KIDS & CO account details

Account holder:Kids & Co g.e.V.

IBAN:DE 7410 0708 4805 2607 7304


Bank:Berliner Bank AG


From our Rules on Contributions:

  • The minimum membership contribution for adults amounts to EUR 2.50 per month

  • Young people shall pay EUR 1 per month

  • Sponsoring members shall pay a monthly fee of at least EUR 10.00

  • The Board may approve of an exemption from contribution payments or the arrangement of a lower membership contribution on the basis of a respective application.